About Ballooning Art

Ballooning Art is a cooperative marketing initiative on behalf of artists, photographers, and crafters who share a passion for hot air and gas ballooning in the 21st century and a strong appreciation for commemorating the legacy of ballooning from centuries past.

Info for Artists, Photographers, and Crafters
If you are an artist, photographer, videographer, or crafter actively involved in the sport of ballooning, so actively that you do not have the time to market your artistic endeavors effectively through related event venues and retail outlets, I have developed a program just with you in mind. If you are interested in participating, please correspond directly with me, Barbara Tomlin, in care of my company feedback form or by connecting with me on Facebook.

Info for Balloon Ride Operators
If you are a commercial balloon ride operator, Barbara would be happy to work with you in customizing productions from her Ballooning Art card and print line to promote your business while sharing the history and sport of ballooning with your customers. To discuss opening a wholesale account for this purpose, please correspond directly with Barbara through Facebook Messenger.

More Information
The individual responsible for founding this initiative is Barbara Tomlin, Balloon Talk Community Manager. For additional information regarding this initiative, please join the Ballooning Art group on Facebook.

Thanks for your interest!