Balloons on the Waterfront Series


Une expédition aérienne jeu instructif et amusant pour la jeunesse.0258ugameboard



Original Artwork (Circa 1880 — 1910)

Original Title Translated: "An air forwarding play instructive and amusing for youth."
Summary: Gameboard shows a varied landscape and waterfront filled with 21 numbered balloons. Chart at right illustrates 17 different combinations of numbers on a pair of dice.
Original Media: Chromolithograph (The first true multi-color printing method).
Origin: Albert Tissandier, 19th Century Artist; gameboard in LOC archives.

About This Series — Adaptations by Barbara Tomlin

gameboard adaptation
Gameboard Scene Adaptation

As I began to adapt the original image to my 10.5x8 inch scale (allowing for a 1/4 inch margin on 8.5 x 11 inch paper), I saw many scenes worthy of individual focus and proceeded to extract them one by one.

As each scene took shape, I added or deleted objects, and changed colors to fit within the parameters of my project and my mood at the time. So far, my adaptations in  this series include prints, frameable art cards, tile trivots and boxes. The card adaptations are included in the Ballooning Art exhibit of my frameable art card collection. Other products are available from Ballooning Stuff, a CafePress store.


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