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Barbara Tomlin
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Barbara has been dabbling in a variety of art media since childhood. She is best known in the art world for her Cloisonne on Glass artwork sold in galleries and finer gift shops of the Pacific Northwest and Canada throughout the 1970's and early 80's. Although she has kept in touch with her artistic roots through her graphic design work over the years, she only recently returned her focus to art as a profession.

Over the years, particularly during her multi-year stint as online media director for the world’s largest ballooning event, Barbara has been privileged to work with many award-winning photographers. She is known for her unusual, artistic adaptations of their work.

In her passion to learn all she could about the history of Ballooning, Barbara also discovered exceptional artwork from centuries past. Her goal in rendering those designs in a contemporary context is to adapt them to a variety of media in such a way that they would not only be touchable but AFFORDABLE by just about anyone who appreciates art.

Barbara, a Native Oregonian, has lived in New Mexico most of her life. She has been involved in ballooning activities for more than 25 years. More recently she has chosen to spend much of her time in the Pacific Northwest, particularly Central Oregon, where she finds endless inspiration for focusing on her art as a full-time profession.

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